Why Roasted Amala is a leading Digital Marketing Company.

Why Roasted Amala is a leading Digital Marketing Company.

Roasted Amala is a leading Digital Marketing and publicity brand in Africa, based in Nigeria. It was founded, managed and is controlled by Rufai Saleem Mayowa, who happens to be very skilled and efficient in his line of work.

They are experts in the use of social media and other tools in carrying out advertisements, campaigns, and promotions across the internet.

Lots of individuals, brands, and companies prefer working with Roasted Amala over other brands due to the high level of output that is always derived upon the completion of each project assigned to them. They have completed both large and mini projects in different aspects of publicity in nearly a Decade. These include: music/artiste promotions, products and services marketing/ publicity, Religious gathering awareness for religious bodies, Event, Conference and Seminar awareness, and other specific services requested by their clients.

At Roasted Amala, they do not only give you your money’s worth, but they always provide maximum satisfaction on every project that they handle, and they aren’t money oriented, they make friends with Clients and eventually become business partners in a friendly manner. They have a success rate of 100% on all of the previous projects that they have handled.

They offer services in Twitter trends and campaigns, Instagram marketing and publicity, and other specific marketing services that clients desire. The brand name ‘Roasted Amala’ is registered with the Corporate Affairs Commision of Nigeria, therefore, it is a very safe and reliable Brand to hand over both Large and Mini marketing and publicity projects to.

Contact Saleem via whatsapp with +2347061522224 , as well as both Instagram and Twitter with @roasted_amala_ or send an email to roastedamala123@gmail.com

The official website is www.roastedamala.com

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