My Dress Sense Against My Mental Sense

It’s always been said that you dress the way you want to be addressed. In recent times, such statement is regarded as obsolete and non factual. Why? Because a man’s intent cannot be known or deciphered through the way he dresses.
Though I support courteous and modest dressings, I still leave a belief for creativity in individual’s appearance sense as a proof of liberality which characterizes this present century and age.
Several situations have gone wrong, innocents are charged and criminalised because of their mode of dressing. If investigations can’t be done, if the truth can’t be understood, why conclude on your perception or belief.
The misconceptions and understanding of dress conduct seem to intertwine and meddle with our modern day thoughts, past school of thoughts, coinciding with the present. It has hence caused a sociological battle between the rigid and liberal personalities.
Because you’re less fashionable doesn’t mean you take anyone who is, as rude or immoral. Bad dress combination, poor sized outfit, improper dressings, baggy and oblique dressings are also indecent dressings.
You can’t expect a personality to walk about unkept or in poorly sized clothes and denote such individual as “sane in dress sense”. Though a lot say it doesn’t matter; it does, looking bad, or dressing bad is an abuse to the human relational community either immorally or quire.

I don’t support immorality or excessive dressings in anyway but with the fact that let a man’s outfit not taunt us or make us to believe what he’s not until you can determine what he has to offer. Looking how I want to shouldn’t be a crime, my intentions should be the judge. Every of my statement should be regarded as a personal opinion and not necessarily be taken as a general concept to be adopted. There are a lot of hoodlums in low cut and also a lot of intellectuals in dreads. I’m an advocate for modern intelligence, brilliance beyond looks, liberal but knowledgeable.

Ajayi Martins © 2018

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