This is a thing of concern to undergraduates as they don’t know what lies ahead of them after graduating from school; the uncertainty of a future outside school.
There’s a saying that goes thus: “Getting your first degree at university is like getting to stage D when counting from A-Z”.—source unknown.

Life after school is the real deal (note: school here means higher institution) as this is the time, you get the real life result for all your sleepless night during your school days. If you’re the lazy type, this is when life will give you result for your laziness and not the good grade you got through your sycophantic behavior when in school. And also if you are the hard working type, this is when you will get the result for it and not the ones you’re deprived of when in school.
This is also the time when you no longer receive allowance from your parent/guardians/sponsors, but the time when everybody that has contributed/invested in your studies will want you to b productive and repay them for their good deeds.

It’s funny that life that lies ahead after graduation might not be like the good grades or the strong C.G.P.A you graduated with. I see first class graduates roaming the street looking for job with their good certificate but later settle for less. I see people that made it in class not making it in life.
I see people dumping their good certificate and hustling like a dropout and making it big in life. Different stroke for different folks.

Another funny aspect of the life that lies ahead after graduation are the people that graduated with average or bad grade. I see most of this category of people breaking through mediocrity and shooting themselves up to that high place they belong. These are the people who dump their certificates also and venture into other things that is of great interest to them, by using their creativity and talent with full determination to attain a higher place. I see these people employing the ones with good certificates.
These are the set of people that do not allow their poor grades or certificates to define their life.
~Life that lies ahead after graduation~

My submission is, be open minded, don’t be a slave to education. It is a good thing to graduate with good grades as it will be your stepping stone to success, but it is advisable to have plan B, if possible plan C and D. These alternative plans will give you options and push you forward when your certificate can’t help.
And also, while in school try as much as possible to get your self involve in extra curricular activities, that have good potentials and that will develop you intellectually and make you discover the hidden talent in you. It doesn’t matter if you’re not making money through those activities but let your growth be your number one priority and stay focus as you will get the gain latter in the future. And above all, Put God first in all your endeavors. Never forget ur maker and your source.°Peace…

~Oni Timileyin~

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