17 Things That May Cease To Exist In 2030

Mordern advancement in technology and constant innovation are changing the world. And several things that were in existence in the past have suddenly gone into oblivion.
With the way different companies are coming up with innovative ideas, several things and devices will certainly go obsolete.
Here is a list of 17 Things That May Seize To Exist In 2030

  • Print Magazines and Newspaper

One of the things that may seize to exist in 2030 is print magazines and newspaper. With several blogs, news, and magazine websites in the internet space, most newspaper and magazine companies are going digital.
In Nigeria for instance, no youth will want to buy a newspaper. He or she can easily visit 24hoursreporter.com, nairaland.com, .ng etc for the most recent information.
With the above premises, the possibility that print magazines and newspapers will still be in existence in 2030 is very slim.

  • Paper Map

Paper map may not even survive till the end of 2020. This is due to the emergence of Google map. And its detailed step by step direction makes people forget the about paper map.

  • Certain Paper Work

With the emergence of Google doc and digital signature, certain paper work may seize to exist in no time. For instance, filling of certain forms like medical or contract can be done using Google doc and digital signature.

  • Digital Cameras

With the way Smartphones are coming up with exceptional camera features, digital cameras may fade away in no time.
In fact, most Smartphones can shoot pictures and videos in HD. With this features in your phone, digital camera is obviously of no use.

  • Hard Drives

Most people who are tech savvy are already saving their files in the cloud. By the time everybody understands how safe it is to keep their information in the cloud, physical storage devices may not be necessary.

  • Flash Drives

Flash drives are also one of the things that may seize to exist in 2030. Ordinarily, a lot of people use flash drive to store data or to transfer a file from one device to another.
Again, cloud may replace flash drives. You can easily access your file on cloud in any location. Also, you can share information with your friends and colleagues using cloud.

  • CDs and DVDs

Compact discs is definitely going to fade away in no time. In fact, with the option of downloading movies, music and streaming websites like Netflix, CDs are fading away quickly.

  • DVD Players

DVD players are really going out of fashion quickly. They may not even see the end of 2020.
Also, online streaming services like YouTube and Netflix has made several people dump their DVD devices.

  • Calculators

Almost all mobile phones have an inbuilt calculators. with this feature in phones, calculating devices are fading away really fast.

  • Analog Watches

With the way digital and smartphone watches are balling, they may replace analog watches in no time.

  • Reference Books

Access to the internet is one of the easiest things to do these days. Google gives us answers to almost all questions.
Therefore, reference books like Dictionaries and encyclopedias are fading away. In the next few years, they may likely not be in the circulation anymore. You tend to see them in Libraries only.

  • Cheque Book

Most banks are going digital and cheque books are no longer necessary. There are different ways payments are made these days from online banking, use of credit cards to pay online etc.
By 2030, cheque books may seize to exist. This is due to the fact that the future of banking is going digital.

  • Headphones With Cords

Wireless and Bluetooth headphones are the current trends. People seldom buy or use headphones with cords again. This only indicate one thing – headphones with cords are going obsolete.

  • Chargers With Cables

Just like Headphones, chargers are also going wireless. This means that in a decade from now, chargers with cables may seize to exist.

  • Car Keys

In the next few years, most car manufacturers may stop using keys for vehicles.
In fact, BMW is at the forefront of this innovation as they announced the app that allowed car owners to unlock their cars without using keys.
This announcement was made in September, 2018. And more car manufacturers are looking into this direction.

  • Travel Agencies

With almost all information available on the internet, the service of a travel agent is becoming unnecessary.
Since you can book a flight from the comfort of your room. Pay for an hotel room by reaching out to the hotel directly online. The service of travel agencies will die a natural death in no time.

  • TextBooks

Textbooks are gradually being replaced by eBooks. This is due to the fact that text books are very expensive and sometimes too heavy to carry.
With most information available on eBooks, in no time textbooks will seize to exist.

Source: 24hoursreporter

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